Oven Cleaner

Watford Oven Cleaners

Let us make your oven look like new

We will never let you down

My name is Glenn Watson and have lived in Watford all my life. I recently left John Lewis after 32 years to embark on this business. I am fully aware of the importance of great customer service and quality work and have a passion to ensure all customers feel comfortable and left totally satisfied with the service we provide.

Watford Oven Cleaners is a family run,non franchise business so we can offer competitive prices and be as flexible as we want. We use non toxic and fume free products,in fact you can use your oven straight after the process is finished. Also we are fully insured!!.

The Cleaning process takes between 2-4 hours depending on your oven size. We have set prices so you don't have to worry about us over charging you. At Oven Cleaner Watford we are fully trained in what we do, we have lots of experience in cleaning ovens! We have made many people happy so far and we want you to be our next customer.

Our Promise:

  • I know you will have taken the trouble to make time for us to come to you so we will always turn up and be on time.
  • I will always only charge you the price we agreed.
  • I will be professional and friendly so you feel comfortable with someone new in your home.
  • I will leave your house with no mess.
  • I will give you a quality finish, not leaving until you are completely satisfied.

The Process

  • All removable parts will be taken out to be thoroughly cleaned in a tank in our van.
  • Doors will be taken off, where applicable,to be cleaned.
  • Glass, again where applicable, will also be removed and be polished.
  • The inside of the oven will be coated with de-greaser, washed out and scrubbed until clean.
  • All will then be put back together.